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"Bitsy's Brainfood is an incredible product that is not only nutritious, but also teaches children to make healthy choices--- and manages to make it fun. Our country's obesity epidemic is greatly influenced by the powerful food industry who often use child-targeted marketing to sell highly processed, unhealthy foods to young people. Bitsy's Brainfood appeals to children in all the right ways and as a pediatric psychologist whose work is to promote health and wellness in our obesity ridden society, I am proud to recommend a product that moves our nation's health in the right direction. I cannot wait to recommend these smart snacks to my patients. We are always looking for healthy alternatives for our children, who need easy, healthy options as they are always on the go!"

-- Emily Israel Pluhar, Ph.D. Associate Director of the New Balance Foundation Obesity Prevention Center at Children's Hospital Boston

"Bitsy's Brainfood delivers on its promise to provide nutritious, tasty treats that kids and parents will both love. The delicious flavors and unique elements of imaginative play will keep children asking for more! I wish Bitsy's Brainfood was around when I was a kid... but that's not going to stop me from eating it now!"

-- Courtney Davis Healthy Living Blogger, Pursuit of Healthiness

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