The Power of Positivity!

It’s Wednesday night and we’re half way through the week. At our house, this often means we are ALL getting tired. And that can mean my little angels can get a little rowdy, and my patience might be wearing thin.

Tonight, when this started to unfold, I was thinking about the things I learned long before Alex and I started Bitsy’s together or had children. In our non-profit work with young people we practiced something called positive youth development.

There were so many things that we learned through this work that I try to apply with my own kids. One of the greatest things that we can do with all young kids (and kids of all ages for that matter) is to reinforce when we “catch” them doing something right.  Using a positive statement in this moment is so important in reinforcing the good behaviors and choices.

I thought I’d share some quick and simple examples from our past lives practicing “positive youth development.”  They’re pretty obvious statements… but sometimes the obvious things in life are the easiest to put into practice…

Positive Statement Examples to share with your kids and the young people in your life:

▶ That’s great!

▶ That was helpful

▶ I believe in you

▶ Would you help me?

▶ I like spending time with you

▶ Thank you

▶ You can do it!

▶ I had fun with you today

▶ I am really proud of you

▶ You did it!

▶ You must be proud of yourself!

▶ Good answer

▶ Congratulations!

▶ Look how much you have improved

▶ Keep trying!

▶I agree

▶ I see, exactly

▶ Please

▶ That’s right

▶ Good idea

▶ Very clever!

▶ Excellent

▶ I understand

▶ That’s interesting

▶ How considerate

▶ I’m glad

▶ Good job

▶ I like that

▶ Give it a try

▶ I can tell you’re working hard

▶ Your work is impressive

▶ Will you show me how you did that?

To tell you the truth, I think we all can use a little positive reinforcement. No matter how old we get. Spread the love.




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