Sharing the Love on Valentine’s Day

We love Valentine’s Day around here. You get to tell those closest to you just how much they mean to you AND there are tasty treats, fun crafts, and love everywhere.

What better for a healthy and tasty Valentine’s snack than our Smart Cookies! Here are some ways we like to use our Smart Cookies to spread the love on Valentine’s Day.

  • Put a couple of letters into a cute bag, tie it up with some colorful string, and give them to your kids to pass out to their classes.
  • Spell out “I Love You” or another cute note to your kiddo in his or her lunch box.
  • Use the Smart Cookies and some hot glue to write out a special message on a piece of construction paper for a memorable homemade card.
  • Create homemade tags to attach to a bag of Sweet Potato Oatmeal Raisin Smart Cookies that says “You are so SWEET!”

What fun ways do you get your little ones involved in celebrating Valentine’s Day?

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