Thank you Tracy for this awesome email and for sharing your Facebook post!

When we launched our line of cereals it was a response to the direct link that has been made between the sugary cereal aisle and childhood obesity.  There has been a clear need to do things better when it comes to kids cereal for a long time!  Making cereal is not easy. But we’ve done our best to be innovative and push boundaries — like putting vegetables in cereal!  And in making organic cereals bright, colorful, with fun characters and games, we’ve done something quite different than what any other organic cereal brand has done before in their traditionally brown attempts to convey the message of “natural.”  Fruits and vegetables are bright and colorful – so why shouldn’t organic food brands for kids be as colorful as the rainbow of the produce section!

We just wanted to share and say thank you to all the moms, dads, kids, grandparents, and everyone, who gets as excited as we do about making better products for all of our children.

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