Fun Winter Activities for Kids!

Well, winter is definitely upon us in New York City!

While we love the change of seasons (and the chance to go skiing!), all of this cold weather has our kiddos going a little stir crazy. Here are some of the (free!) ways we keep our little ones happy and active during the winter:

  • Build a fort in the living room
    • Take all of the pillows off the couches and beds and let your kids use their imaginations to build a big play fort. Add in some blankets and flashlights and they’ll stay entertained for hours.
  • Throw a dance party
    • There’s no more fun way to burn some energy and warm up after being outside than an impromptu dance party. Turn up the music and see what funny moves your kids come up with.
  • Play with your food
    • See how many words you can spell using a bag of Bitsy’s Smart Cookies. For older kids, play I Spy and have them use the cookies to spell out the objects they find.
  • Put on a play
    • Have your kids write and direct a play for the whole family to perform. Invite neighbors or grandparents over to be the audience!

What is your family’s favorite way to stay entertained in the winter?

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