1. Go to the playground!
  2. Sidewalk chalk (make hopscotch! Create a sidewalk art masterpiece!)
  3. Blow Bubbles!
  4. Go on a nature walk!
  5. Ride bikes
  6. Plan a picnic
  7. Make mudpies
  8. Read the book Going On A Bear Hunt and then go on your own “Bear Hunt” in the yard
  9. Hula Hoop!
  10. Finger Paint!
  11. Plant a garden
  12. Go on a scavenger hunt
  13. Play Red Rover!
  14. Read a book in the shade
  15. Play Ball! Tether Ball, Wiffle Ball, Baseball, Basketball , Tennis, Flag Football, Soccer
  16. Roller skate
  17. Set up a lemonade stand or a neighborhood car wash for a great cause!
  18. Discover new bugs and insects!
  19. Water balloons!!
  20. Feel the grass between your toes!
  21. Daydream and look for shapes in the clouds!
  22. Learn to sail a boat! (even little kids can start in small boats)
  23. Take a run through the sprinkler
  24. Water the plants
  25. Play games like Follow the Leader!
  26. Eat popsicles! (make your own with fresh fruit!)
  27. Put on a play!
  28. Build a fort
  29. Set up a blanket and take nice long snooze
  30. Wash your dog
  31. Take outside showers!
  32. Pitch a tent and camp out in your own yard.
  33. Build a sandcastle
  34. Swim
  35. Go to the beach and do a shell walk
  36. Tie Dye!
  37. Make a flower arrangement or floral wreath
  38.  Paint a flower pot
  39. Ride scooters
  40. Jump Rope
  41. Keep it old school and learn to play jacks
  42. Bring checkers out on the porch
  43. Swing!
  44. Bring inside toys outside: dolls, transformers, you name it!
  45. Just PLAY!!!


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